WWE Announces Next Guest On Steve Austin's 'Broken Skull Sessions'

Here's who will sit down with Steve Austin on WWE Network/Peacock next.

Steve Austin Jeff Jarrett Broken Skull Sessions

Jeff Jarrett has been announced as the next guest on Steve Austin's acclaimed 'Broken Skull Sessions' series.

The former WWE, WCW and TNA star recently sat down with 'Stone Cold' for an in-depth chat - the episode airs on 3 June, and it should be another winner for Austin. His recent interviews with the likes of Bully Ray and Cody Rhodes were typically excellent.

There's no doubting that Jarrett is a bit of a step down from Rhodes though, if only because Cody was hot news after trading AEW for WWE during WrestleMania 38 season. However, ol' 'J-E-DOUBLE-F' does have a lifetime of stories to tell.


Austin will presumably dip into Jarrett's upbringing in the business, and talk about his most controversial moments in both WWE and WCW. For example, Jeff once reportedly held Vince McMahon up for money before agreeing to lose to Chyna at the federation's No Mercy 1999 pay-per-view.

His approach to launching TNA should also come up. Each BSS to date has included comments about other wrestling companies, so it shouldn't be troublesome for Austin and Jarrett to wax lyrical about Impact Wrestling.

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