WWE Backlash 2016: 10 Awesome Moments

From TNA's top man to WWE champion.

AJ Styles WWE Title

WWE will claim that Backlash featured eight matches on the card. Unfortunately, one of those was won by forfeit, and didn't actually even get properly underway. In brighter news, WWE were able to somewhat rescue the situation, giving those in attendance a few awesome moments along the way. These spots weren't alone on a show that actually turned out better than some might have expected.

Those expectations weren't high for the first SmackDown Live exclusive pay-per-view, the card looked paper thin compared to the likes of SummerSlam. As the first major event following that annual spectacular, Backlash had a real tough job on its hands to prove itself worthwhile.

Some genuinely endearing performances allowed the show to shine, especially when it came time for the WWE Title main event between Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles. There, the former TNA and NJPW star put the postage stamp on his nine-month WWE journey. In reality, even though he debuted at the Royal Rumble in January, Styles had been waiting well over a decade for this kind of moment.

From AJ's ecstasy to the agony of Randy Orton, here are ten awesome moments from Backlash...

10. Heath Slater & Rhyno's Social Media Lounge Madness

Bray Wyatt Randy Orton
WWE Network

Sometimes, the social media lounge segment that airs regularly on the Kickoff show can be a bit underwhelming. Usually harmless time-filler, it only excels when Tom Phillips has someone he can bounce off of and trade some banter with. At Backlash, the announcer legitimately looked like he was ready to crack up.

There's something curious about the natural chemistry Heath Slater and Rhyno share. As a tag-team, they shouldn't work, but there's just so utterly ridiculous that it comes across as fascinating. Here, they rambled on and on about inconsequential nonsense, often straying from the line of questioning and engaging in some seriously random chatter about Slater's kids.

In the midst of all this comedy, Rhyno actually named the duo. There's a ring to 'Beauty & The Man-Beast', even if it is ludicrous. If the social media segment can be a bit flat on occasion, nobody gave Slater or Rhyno that particular memo.

Naturally funny, they were able to turn a few minutes of fan-pleasing Q&A fluff into something very much enjoyable and a highlight of the entire pre-show.


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