WWE Ban Use Of Roman Reigns Name

It's not just a coincidence.

Roman Reigns

According to a report from the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE employees have been told to strictly not mention Roman Reigns' name on TV.

It's been well documented that Reigns made the decision to pull out of his recent Universal Championship match against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 due to being immunocompromised after his battle with leukaemia.

After not appearing in a WWE ring since before 'Mania 36, it now appears that the company are actively trying to keep 'The Big Dog' out of the WWE Universe's minds until he returns as they have now enforced this peculiar new rule for their weekly television broadcasts.


This would explain why new Universal Champion Braun Strowman hasn't once acknowledged Reigns on TV since becoming a world title holder, despite the fact that his absence made his win possible.

It was reported that Reigns' WWE future was up in the air after choosing to exit the Goldberg match, but the Observer also clarified that it's up to Reigns on when he will make his comeback to SmackDown. As of writing, no one is clear when that will be, but you can't imagine it will be any time soon with the current global situation being what it is.


In other news, Reigns announced that he was to become a father to another set of twins in an interview with Muscle & Fitness.

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