WWE Battleground 2017: 19 Best Internet Reactions To The Great Khali's Return

Vince Russo would be proud.

WWE Battleground 2017 Great Khali Jinder Mahal

WWE Battleground 2017 may be proof of many things, first and foremost that WWE appears to actively enjoy trolling its audience.

Few fans went in expecting one of the year's better PPVs so far, but even so, Battleground sunk so far below already-subterranean expectations to deliver a show that's certainly the worst of the year and quite probably much beyond that too.

What does it all mean for SummerSlam? How much peyote did Road Dogg ingest before booking all this nonsense? And just how many people gave up on the show halfway through and decided to watch Game of Thrones or Twin Peaks instead?

At least SummerSlam can't suck any worse than this, right? Right? And on the real flip side, at least the incredulous social media reactions made the show an entertaining car crash of sorts. Internet, what would all the miserable, jaded wrestling fans do without you?

19. Seriously, Who Booked This?

You can smell a PPV's desperation when it's full of wildly unnecessary gimmick matches...especially when it's not even a gimmick PPV.

In addition, it's hard to deny the thoroughly retro feel of the show, which only became more aggressive and weird as the show dragged on...and on...and on.

And to think, all the difference a year makes. Who could've guessed things would veer so violently off a cliff within the space of twelve months, to the point that Jinder Mahal is Vince McMahon's new golden boy?

If you were hoping for this year's show to be another surprisingly solid diamond in the rough Battleground PPV, there was nothing but bad news waiting for you...


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