WWE Battleground 2017: Best Booking Scenarios For Each Match

Is it too late to deconstruct the Punjabi Prison?


The only way WWE could possibly have a PPV worse than Money in the Bank this year is if they decided to put a Punjabi Prison and a Flag Match on the same night. Evidently the company read that statement and thought to themselves: "Challenge Accepted!"

There was once a time when SmackDown Live was handily besting its Raw counterpart in PPVs. That time is no longer, with WWE Great Balls of Fire (ugh, that name is still terrible) effectively becoming one of the best shows of the year.

Still, just because a card has low potential doesn't mean it can't turn out great with the proper booking. Then again, "WWE" and "proper booking" don't often go hand in hand.

The build-up for Battleground has not been kind to viewers. Sure, The New Day and The Usos can both cut world class promos in their sleep, but the incredibly one-sided Mahal vs. Orton just refuses to die. Cena and Rusev are having a grudge match over a single promo, only two years removed from the latter's utter burial. And we still haven't figured out the man formerly known as Mike Bennett.

It might not be the most desirable line-up in history, but even WWE could salvage this with the correct booking. What's the ideal result for each match?


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