WWE Battleground 2017: Best Booking Scenarios For Each Match

7. Kanellis Cheats His Way Past Zayn

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Wow, SmackDown Live is really missing Miz and Maryse, aren't they?

The Kanellises have largely been dead on arrival, and only picked up recently by smashing a glass across the back of the head of Sami Zayn.

Speaking of Zayn, one year ago, the Underdog of the Underground (enough of the terrible nicknames, WWE) defeated long time enemy Kevin Owens in a horrible case of short-sighted booking. Owens would go on to become WWE Universal Champion, while Zayn became the most annoying person currently on WWE television (and jobbed to Owens approximately 48 times in the process).

Such a booking result absolutely cannot be repeated here.

Yes, Kanellis just defeated Zayn on SmackDown Live, and we all know how much the company loves their 50/50 feuds. But if they're truly trying to recreate Miz's magic, then they need to remember one crucial part:

Miz and Maryse won. A lot.

Sure, they almost always cheated to get there, but that was a part of what made Miz so ridiculously successful in 2016. The most hated villains are the ones that constantly achieve victory through any means necessary. Mike and Maria are charismatic and obnoxious enough to quickly rise up the card in the company.

Losing to someone that is well known for always losing is not going to do the Kanellises any favors.


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