WWE Battleground 2017: Best Booking Scenarios For Each Match

8. Dillinger Vanquishes English

A quick glance at WWE's YouTube page reveals that Tye Dillinger has already defeated Aiden English three times on live TV. Twice on SmackDown, and once on the WWE Backlash pre-show.

Does this technically count as a feud?

Perfect 10 is incredibly over with the fans, so it's nice to see he has a spot on the card at all. But is squashing perennial jobber Aiden English for the fourth consecutive match really the only thing WWE has for Dillinger?

Yes, that is the best case scenario here. Dillinger's true peak is in the upper midcard, while English is pretty much doomed to be "that one guy who used to team with a circus strongman" for the rest of his career. If it looks as though Tye is having too much trouble putting down a former member of the Vaudevillains, he can pretty much kiss his future goodbye.

If there was ever a match that shouldn't go longer than five minutes, here it is.

After this, both should permanently go their separate ways. Dillinger can remain on the fringes of the United States Championship scene, participating in side feuds until a spot opens up for him. English can job for more than one person. Because every brand needs their jobbers. An obnoxious singer just makes a better one than most.


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