WWE: Where Can Daniel Bryan Go If He Misses The Royal Rumble?

Daniel Bryan There is no doubt that as far as crowd reactions go, Daniel Bryan is the most over star in the WWE by a mile. Even stalwart darlings of the WWE like CM Punk are having a hard time even approaching the sort of crowd reactions that the Aberdeen native is getting week in and week out. The way that the crowd had taken to him would have made Bryan a favourite to win the Royal Rumble match and headline Wrestlemania to challenge for the WWE World Title; which is what has made the story about his concussion on Raw this Monday so troubling. Should Bryan's concussion be at all serious he will have no chance of participating in the Rumble and much of the Road to Wrestlemania may have to be altered. So should the worst happen and Bryan does miss the Rumble, what other options are there for him to make a splash at Wrestlemania 30? Please note, I am assuming for the sake of argument that Shawn Michaels is not coming out of retirement.
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