WWE: Where Can Daniel Bryan Go If He Misses The Royal Rumble?

Face Triple H

Triple H This seems like it could be the least appealing in some ways and there is no doubt that some will see Triple H inserting himself in yet another top feud but there is no doubt Daniel Bryan vs the head of the Authority makes sense. The IWC has been pretty damning in its verdict of how The Game has portrayed Bryan as nothing more than a 'B+ Wrestler' believing that he has gone past kayfabe and is just burying the American Dragon. All this allows for fertile ground for a feud between the two superstars. Say the authority decides to not allow Bryan to participate in the Rumble because of some (kayfabe) technical issue- but in reality it is of course because the Authority do not want him in a title match at Wrestlemania. Bryan comes out the next night and simply says that since the Authority do not want him in a title match it seems pretty clear to him that the Authority has to change. He challenges Triple H to a match at Wrestlemania with the stipulation that if Bryan loses, he can never challenge for the title as long as Triple H is chairman again. If Bryan wins, he gets a number one contender shot sometime down the line, and Triple H must relinquish his COO position. This is beneficial for a couple of reasons. Firstly- if the WWE want to keep the belt on the champion at 'Mania, then Bryan can move into the next challenger slot and get the belt at Extreme Rules or Payback. Secondly, the idea of relinquishing the COO position of Triple H would mean the Authority angle could be laid to rest after Mania before it loses steam. Finally, the match itself would also be good, as it would mean that Bryan could get a big win over a man that has tormented him- and the idea of Bryan making the Game tap in the middle of the ring would put the crowd in raptures.
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