WWE Changed 2 Wrestlers' Ring Names On Raw

A couple of big ring name updates in the wake of WWE Raw's season premiere.

King Xavier Woods

WWE has officially changed the name of its two newest royal family members over the past 24 hours.

Zelina Vega, who defeated Doudrop to win the first ever Queen's Crown tournament at Crown Jewel 2021, was referred to as Queen Zelina on last night's episode of Raw. This is part of her wholesale transformation to fit the regal gimmick, which now includes a British accent for some reason.

Queen Zelina wrestled Doudrop in a rematch from Saudi Arabia last night, cheating to win by striking the Scot with her new sceptre while the referee attempted to reattach a turnbuckle pad Vega had dislodged.


On a similar note, King of the Ring winner Xavier Woods is now going by King Woods. This is a notable change from last week's episode of SmackDown, on which the New Day man was referred to as King Xavier during his coronation, though PWInsider's Mike Johnson has noted the switch. Xavier's official roster page has also been updated to reflect this.

Woods defeated Finn Balor to win King of the Ring at Crown Jewel, having put it over as a lifelong ambition during the build-up.

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