WWE Crown Jewel: 10 Things We Learned

Eight years of ring rust, and yet he was the main event's MVP...

Shawn Michaels The Undertaker

Social media lit the f*ck up when Shawn Michaels revealed that he wouldn't be coming out of retirement to face AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan. He wouldn't even be returning to the ring (after eight long years away) at WrestleMania. No, he'd be doing it at controversial cash-cow Crown Jewel.

Some fans were disgusted, and others simply left underwhelmed that he'd be working a tag match with Triple H against The Undertaker and Kane. Watching the bout won't have eased much of that pain, but it must've brought a smile to even the most jaded cynics when ol' HBK nipped up like it was 1996 and performed some of his memorable spots.

What does this mean for the future? More Michaels, albeit strictly in a part-time capacity, that's what.

Crown Jewel was a bit of an odd event, to say the least. WWE seemed to mix nostalgia with crummy booking in spite of some shoots of promise; those who scoffed at the thought of tuning in will be pleased to know that a few matches satisfied, and then they'll be instantly horrified by results elsewhere...


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