WWE Crown Jewel: 10 Things We Learned

9. The New Day Don’t Need Titles

The New Day

The New Day are in that unique spot right now. You all know the one; it only occurs when acts evolve to the point of supreme comfort, almost like they don't need championships at all. In fact, Crown Jewel painted quite the picture: the SmackDown Tag Titles shouldn't be anywhere near the trio at the moment.

They're much better on The Bar.

They were the ones struggling before this latest title reign, and fans will need some more swaying that shoving Big Show with them is anything other than a mistake. The titles help then, because they back up Sheamus and Cesaro saying they are the benchmark of tag-teams in WWE.

As for New Day, they'll be over titles or not. They've had their lengthy reigns, and they've dominated the tag division for so long now, that gifting them a token stint at this point would be exactly that. Token, lazy and pretty damn pointless.


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