WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 7 Results Predictions

7. Murphy Makes A Clown Of Akira


At last month's Royal Rumble, we wrote that if WWE had any designs on keeping hold of Hideo Itami, he'd prevail in Phoenix's pre-show presentation. He didn't, and days later, KENTA was looking up the number of a T. Khan (probably).

What did happen, then, is that Buddy Murphy retained his Cruiserweight Title. What also happened, was that whilst doing so he shared a series of sparkling sequences with the superb Akira Tozawa. A full match on PPV between the pair - albeit one watched by nobody - makes all the sense in the world, and could transpire as the evening's finest. The time's not right for Murphy to drop the purple belt, as he continues to build its prestige.

Prediction: Buddy Murphy's legacy continues in a typically super opener.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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