WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Nobody saw that ending coming.

Cesaro Baron Corbin

WWE's annual Elimination Chamber event often feels like a bit of an arbitrary stop-gap show on the Road to WrestleMania, where artificial, contrived roadblocks are thrown up to keep things dramatic leading to the big one, and the 2021 edition was certainly no exception.

But that doesn't always need to be a sign of lazy booking or outright creative bankruptcy.

If nothing else, this year's PPV has at least made the road ahead an unpredictable one with myriad possibilities - both good and bad, for sure - for how the major title pictures will end up playing out at Mania.

Yet outside of the two marquee namesake matches, Chamber was admittedly a bit of an unassuming show - not a single other match ran over 10 minutes, and the quality of the in-ring action rarely rose above decency, even if there was only one dud match to be found (and it wasn't that bad).

On the flip-side, a 2.5-hour show is always welcome, because outside of the flagship PPVs a four-hour behemoth event is just completely, needlessly exhausting. More of this, please...

7. WWE Women's Tag Titles: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) Vs. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

Cesaro Baron Corbin

Result: Nia kills Sasha with a Samoan Drop to retain the straps (9:35).

Rating: This was a whole lotta nothing and easily the worst match of the night, no question.

It didn't do anything for anyone involved, maintained a tedious status quo nobody was interested in, and even at less than 10 minutes in length it felt like it was unfolding in slow motion.

If the Nia/Shayna title reign commits any true crime it's stranding Shayna in plodding, boring PPV matches when she's deserving of so much more.

Nia was, again, not good, but the distraction finish rubbed salt in the wound, as it just made Sasha look like a geek.

If they needed to contrive a way for the superior team to lose, why not just go for some sort of miscommunication between Sasha and Bianca?

A TV-caliber match with a trash-tier ending. 4/10


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