WWE Expands Television Partnership With A&E, New Programming Coming

Over 130 hours of new content is coming as part of WWE's expanded A&E partnership.


Having teased a big announcement last week, WWE and A&E have announced that they are expanding their programming partnership.

This multi-year agreement will see more than 130 hours of new, original WWE content produced, airing exclusively on A&E's various platforms with worldwide distribution. 35 new 'Biography' episodes will be made as part of this, following on from the 'WWE Legends' run of the series becoming A&E's most-watched show in 2021.

On top of this, A&E viewers will get 24 new 'WWE's Most Wanted Treasures' episodes across multiple seasons along with a new series, 'WWE Rivals' (working title), which will encompass 40 hours and is due to focus on historic WWE rivalries.


A&E Executive Vice President and Head of Programming Elaine Frontain commented:-

“The collaboration between these two powerhouse brands has already proven to resonate with audiences and we look forward to working together to create premium content with broad appeal. WWE’s incredible fanbase and talent roster are a great complement to A&E’s unique brand of in-depth storytelling that take fans behind the curtain and we are thankful to the entire WWE team for their partnership.”

WWE President Nick Khan added:-

“A&E is an amazing partner with an impressive lineup of signature series across its networks. The expansion of our partnership will allow us to continue creating a massive slate of new content with a trusted partner, while further establishing A&E as a destination for WWE fans for years to come.”

A&E operates as a joint 50/50 venture between Hearst Communications and Disney. Its first run of WWE shows debuted in April, when wrestlers such as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Roddy Piper, and Bret Hart were featured on 'Biographies.'

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