WWE Extreme Rules 2018: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

12. WWE Smackdown Women's Title: Carmella (C) Vs. Asuka

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Asuka James Ellsworth

Result: Carmella retains the title by shoving Asuka face-first into the shark cage to score the win (5:25).

Rating: The shark cage stipulation usually means the match attached to it is hot garbage, and even with basement-low expectations, this was no exception.

For starters, why the hell was the cage so low? It made it hilariously obvious that something contrived was going to happen with Ellsworth, and his shenanigans just took away any potential the match had to be entertaining or, hell, competitive.

The ending is what truly sank this, though. Once again Asuka was made to look like an absolute moron, cementing her mind-boggling fall from grace since WrestleMania. At least it was short. 2/10


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