WWE Extreme Rules 2018: Star Ratings For All 12 Matches

12. KICKOFF: Sin Cara Vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas


Much too often even for a match between an awesome talent with no ceiling whatsoever versus an undercard job guy with a ceiling bearing down on his masked head, this was, nonetheless, worthwhile for a Kickoff attraction.

After a sprightly opening exchange, Almas discovered an excellent counter to the profoundly overexposed dive. He simply and seamlessly grabbed the back of Cara’s head and smeared his face against the barricade. If that didn’t knock his head off, his how-does-that-not-hurt spinning back elbow nearly did the job. A commercial break-enforced rest-hold spot both dragged and revealed the artifice, but the match recovered as it entered the finishing sequence. An entertaining and wince-inducing fusion of the beautiful and the beastly, boasting a blinding top rope hurricanrana spot, the future fate of Almas was still difficult to shake.

As great as Zelina Vega is in her role, it should be redundant in a match against Sin Cara. Were it not for her interference, the implication was that Cara may have won with his frog splash.

That was a bad narrative choice, but the match itself was comprised of not bad at all lucha things.

Star Rating: **3/4


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