WWE Extreme Rules 2019: 8 Shocks That Could Happen

8. Heavy Machinery Win SmackDown Tag Gold

Heavy Machinery The New Day

Tucky and Otis, baby.

Heavy Machinery are a weird one. They're sort of over without actually being greeted by crowd-popping reactions. Calling them another NXT call-up failure seems harsh though, and most casual fans on the main roster do seem to like their quirky nature and big Dozovic's 'caterpillar'. Are they the next SmackDown Tag-Team Champs?

Stranger things have happened, and a three-way situation would be the time to pull the trigger if WWE were going to do it and fancied an upset. They're the main feud for Daniel Bryan and Rowan right now (New Day are only there so Xavier Woods and Big E have something to do as Kofi Kingston wrestles solo), but they still seem the least likely.

Otis winning on the latest SmackDown also suggests Bryan and Rowan will retain. Unless, of course, this is a new booking strategy; telegraph writing may be a thing of the past, and Heavy Machinery might grab another win on Sunday and add some gold to their act.


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