WWE Extreme Rules Results Predictions

Extreme Rules is a seven match card that promises to be WWE's 'hardcore' event of the year. Emanating from New Jersey this May 4th, the main event of Evolution versus The Shield is being pushed hard as the main event. That's the match which will sell the pay per view, the bout people are going to tune into the Network to see. Throw in Cena vs Wyatt in cage, alongside WWE Champion Daniel Bryan against Kane in an 'Extreme Rules match' and we have a very intriguing night ready to unfold. Previous years have ended up being very good, despite WWE limitations on blood and violence, the event does often live up to its 'extreme' billing. Most memorable was the epic encounter between John Cena and Brock Lesnar in 2012. Could anything this year compare to that level of brilliance? With some of the stacked talent in the big matches, yes, Extreme Rules 2014 certainly could become a night to remember. The other exciting thing about this event is it's a night for new talent to get over. WWE right now are embarking on the 'Reality Era', seeing a wave of new stars, in addition to a range of renewed pushes. Extreme Rules 2014 will be a night for the new generation, Paige in her WWE PPV, Bryan in his first title major defence, Cesaro in his first big push and even Alexander Rusev with his biggest match to date. What will the results be? On a night which could have several swerves, on a night when young talent have the chance to become stars, here's the WhatCulture Extreme Rules 2014 Results Predictions....
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