WWE Files To Trademark Another Old WCW PPV Name

Look out for another WCW classic later this year...


Lords Of Pain report that WWE has filed to trademark "WrestleWar" with the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office).

WrestleWar was an old NWA/WCW pay-per-view between 1989-1992 before being phased out completely. It's worth noting that it's also the title of a 1989 Sega Mega Drive/Genesis release, although that had nothing to do with World Championship Wrestling.

It's unclear at this time whether WWE's version of the show will have anything in common with WCW's either - there's a great chance the company would totally redo the old barbed-wire laced logo. That could do with an update.


WrestleWar would be a nice new home for one of WWE's many gimmick matches though. The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view concept has become stale over the past number of years, and the same could be said for Hell In A Cell.

Failing one of those, Vince McMahon might prefer to come up with something fresh to pad out a new pay-per-view, or WrestleWar could end up being another retro-style NXT TakeOver to rival WarGames and In Your House.


WCW did hold original WarGames matches at both the 1991 and 1992 events before replacing the series in 1993.

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