WWE Fires Person Responsible For Mickie James Trash Bag Incident, Triple H Comments

WWE moved swiftly to dismiss whoever sent Mickie James a bin bag containing her belongings.

Triple H Mickie James Bin bag
WWE/Twitter, @MickieJames

WWE has fired the person responsible for sending Mickie James a trash bag containing her belongings following her release from the promotion last week.

Executive Vice President Triple H confirmed as much on Twitter, releasing the following statement after James had posted an image of her WWE "care package"-

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon commented on the situation a few minutes later:-

Mickie's original tweet drew responses from a number of notable wrestling figures, including Royal Rumble 2021 returnee Jillian Hall, who claimed to have received similar treatment after being cut over a decade ago:-

Per Fightful Select, Mark Carrano, who was fired from WWE yesterday, had the finger pointed at him during apology calls made to the recently-released wrestlers yesterday.

Last Thursday (15 April) saw WWE cut ten wrestlers on the one-year anniversary of Black Wednesday, when the promotion jettisoned dozens of performers, producers, and other employees. Alongside Samoa Joe, she was comfortably the most experienced wrestler on the list.

A standard WWE 90-day non-compete clause means James cannot sign anywhere else until 14 July. On Wednesday, Mickie claimed she felt "comfortably uncomfortable" during her final two years with WWE.

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