WWE Great Balls Of Fire: 8 Best Booking Scenarios For Tonight

8. Neville Dispatches Tozawa

At some point, WWE is going to have to have someone finally take Neville's crown. This is not that time.

Following the untimely departure of Austin Aries, the cruiserweight division is struggling mightily with building anyone up to the caliber of current champion Neville. Akira Tozawa may have more popularity than a vast majority of the cruiserweight roster, but it's still not enough. At least, not yet.

If you needed a bigger sign that Neville wasn't losing the title, then WWE gave it to you by announcing that the WWE Cruiserweight Championship would be defended on the pre-show. While it's not entirely unheard of for titles to change hands on the pre-show, it's not a very common occurrence.

The ideal scenario here is Neville defeating Tozawa using his usual shenanigans, then moving to another challenger. If Cedric Alexander isn't too busy beating Noam Dar for what feels like 106th time, perhaps Alexander vs. Neville could be a big match for SummerSlam.

Otherwise, an NXT call-up such as Roderick Strong or Johnny Gargano, both of whom have an excellent connection with the crowd, could be built up instead.


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