WWE Hall Of Famer Gives Advice To Jeff Hardy After DUI Arrest

This WWE legend thinks Jeff Hardy needs to "get off that vicious merry-go-round".

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WWE legend Road Dogg thinks Jeff Hardy needs to "get off that vicious merry-go-round" ASAP.

The Hall Of Famer told fans tuning into his 'Oh You Didn't Know?' podcast that the AEW star needs support more than anything following his recent DUI arrest - Jeff was detained by officers earlier this month in Volusia County, Florida. That was Hardy's third DUI arrest in 10 years.

Dogg knows that's a bad look, but he's encouraging people to rally behind Jeff and "pray for him" during one seriously rough time. The former D-Generation X and New Age Outlaws member knows all about substance abuse issues himself, and he wants to let Hardy know that everything can work out in the end.


Speaking passionately, Dogg added: "You don’t have to live like that ever again". He's living proof that somebody can be pulled back from the brink ("I didn’t care which handful of pills killed me"), and he reckons Jeff fully deserves another chance from people.

AEW pulled Hardy from a scheduled ladder bout post-incident. Tony Khan has since admitted that the veteran is on his "last chance" with the company.

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