WWE: Hardest The Fiend Quiz On The Internet - You'll Never 100%

Even Bray Wyatt would struggle to 100% this Hardest ever quiz about The Fiend on the internet.

For Bray Wyatt, he felt destined to become an afterthought in WWE following years and years of false starts. What had once been one of the most fascinating, engaging characters in the wrestling industry, had now become a bland midcard act who would forever talk the good talk before ultimately choking when the next big match came along.

When the cheerily eerie Firefly Fun House vignettes began to air on WWE TV in April 2019, interest was once again piqued in Bray Wyatt and this new persona. And then, from out of the shadows, stepped the chilling presence of The Fiend.

A breath of fresh air in a WWE landscape that can so often become stale, The Fiend was something truly different. In the time since this character reinvention took place, Wyatt has once again become a must-see part of WWE programming and has been taken to a whole new level of superstardom.

With so many people currently huge fans of Bray Watt and his Fiend alter-ego, how well do you really know The Fiend? Here, we’ve got the toughest Fiend quiz that you can imagine – with this one guaranteed to Hurt a lot more than it will Heal.

1. Who Was The First Victim Of An Attack From The Fiend?


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