WWE Hesitant To Make This Top Star World Heavyweight Champion

WWE may opt against pulling the trigger on making this major star World Heavyweight Champion.

Seth Rollins

While many fans expect Seth Rollins to be crowned the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions later this month, a Rollins title win isn't as nailed-on as many may presume.

The Visionary is due to challenge AJ Styles for the newly-introduced World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions in a couple of weeks, and the one-time Shield man is heavily tipped to emerge victorious in that bout.


Now, Rollins has been spotted on the set of Captain America: New World Order, with the star having landed himself a role in that Anthony Mackie-headlined MCU offering.

Following up on this, WKRD Wrestling took to Twitter to detail how there is some hesitancy within WWE to put the World Heavyweight Championship on Rollins for fear that he may take on further acting roles that would obviously hinder his ability to appear for the sports entertainment juggernaut.


Seth wasn't at WWE Raw this week, with him instead in Atlanta, Georgia to film his role in the next Captain America movie.

Should WWE indeed opt against strapping up Rollins as the first World Heavyweight Champion, that would presumably mean putting that gold around the waist of AJ Styles. Of course, Styles is nowadays a SmackDown talent, and thus one would have to presume a move for the Phenomenal One - and likely his OC buddies - from WWE's blue brand to its red one would be in order should that come to pass.

Emanating from Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Super Dome, Night of Champions takes place on Saturday 27 March.


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