WWE In Talks With Legend About WrestleMania 39 Return

One of WWE's favourite sons could be making a comeback at WrestleMania 39.

Kurt Angle WWE 2022

Kurt Angle has revealed that he's in talks with WWE about making a non-wrestling appearance at WrestleMania 39 next spring.

The Olympian lifted the lid on this during an interview with 'The Wrassingh Show' on YouTube. According to Kurt, nothing is set in stone quite yet, but he has been discussing the possibility of "maybe" showing up in California for 2023's biggest weekender.

Angle didn't drop any hints about what he might be doing at 'Mania.


He's already in WWE's Hall Of Fame, so it won't be one of those quick waves on the stage post-ceremony. It's fun to guess what Kurt could do on either card though - will he be part of something for Gable Steveson? Or, will Angle work another segment alongside Alpha Academy members Chad Gable and Otis?

The possibilities are endless.


Ex-World Champ Kurt was quick to point out that discussions are still in their infancy. However, he's happy to listen to any offers WWE has about showing up on programming/pay-per-view. The legend really enjoyed his appearance on Raw recently, and figures he "might as well" do more now he's retired from the ring.

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