WWE Issues Statement On Matt Riddle Sexual Abuse Claims

Will Riddle's SmackDown debut still go ahead as planned?

Earlier today, WWE superstar Matt Riddle became the latest professional wrestler to be accused of sexual abuse.

In these claims, Candy Cartwright alleged that Riddle choked her and threatened to make her have sex with him back in May 2018. Cartwright claims that she performed oral sex on Riddle in order to “get out of having intercourse with him.”

WWE has now moved to make a public statement on these claims, releasing the exact same “We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into he matter” line that they put out earlier in the day when allegations were made against Jordan Devlin.

Riddle had been due to make his SmackDown debut on tonight’s outing for WWE’s blue brand, although any mention of Riddle have been pulled from the preview for tonight’s SmackDown – with this throwing up questions as to whether WWE has opted to pull Riddle’s already-taped SmackDown bow.

This has been a dark few days for the wrestling business, with so many brave people coming forward to share their own personal stories of abuse suffered at the hands of an ever-increasing amount of wrestling names.

For those who have endured such horrendous abuse, the wrestling community as a whole is showing great support and love. And for those who have carried out any of these awful acts, we can all only hope that the relevant repercussions occur.

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