WWE Legend Rules Out Ever Returning To Wrestling

Retired WWE icon says "nothing" could coax him back to pro wrestling in the future.

Batista 2019

Batista has told Justice Con viewers that he'll "never" make a return to pro wrestling.

The WWE legend bowed out after his match with Triple H at WrestleMania 35 in 2019, and claims there is "nothing that could make [him] go back". That'll disappoint anyone hoping to see 'The Animal' have one more run in the future.

Big Dave's focus is firmly on Hollywood, put it that way.


Batista admitted that it's "so hard" to convince people that he's actually done as an in-ring WWE star. In fairness, most wrestlers announce soft retirements before being lured back by a big payday or major match. Dave says that won't happen to him - he's proud of that 'Mania 35 battle with Trips, and doesn't want to "take away from that" by wrestling again.

The guy also described his retirement as "storybook" stuff. Fans on Twitter, and some wrestling critics, thought the bout with Triple H was a bit too long, but it meant everything to Batista. He got to share the ring with his old mentor and friend, and he got to end things on his own terms.

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