WWE Money In The Bank 2016: 10 Things That Must Happen

9. Apollo Crews Looks Competitive Against Sheamus

dean ambrose money in the bank

Eventual result of the match aside, Apollo Crews simply can't be overwhelmed in his bout against Sheamus. This looks to be another one perfect for the Kickoff program, and it probably won't last too long either. Around 5-7 minutes should do it, but the winner is up in the air right now.

There's an air of 'New Era vs. Old Guard' about Sheamus and Apollo's battle. In recent weeks, the Irishman has turned into the kind of bully-boy heel previously reserved for Ryback's turns to the dark side, something the upstart Crews has taken exception to.

Even if Sheamus is chosen to win, he can't do so easily. The commentary team must be allowed to crow about Apollo's hard-fought performance, drooling over his bevy of high-flying moves and impressive offence. That, more than anything else, needs to be the overriding purpose of the match.

If Sheamus simply squashes Crews, it'll feel similar to if Dolph Ziggler beats Baron Corbin. In other words, the NXT promotions of both men would be all for naught.


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