WWE Money In The Bank 2018: 10 Things WWE Got Right

Team Little Big's success was the right call...

WWE Money In The Bank 2018

After the sloppy, throwaway mess that was last month's Backlash, WWE had to pull something big out of the hat at Money In The Bank. They did, and it was nice to know there'd be no "Beat The Traffic" chants emanating from the stands in Illinois rolling into the card's main event.

The key factor on Sunday night wasn't the fans at all, it was those big decisions by WWE; the night ended with a big winner, they pulled a big surprise in the Raw Women's Title scene, there are big things in the pipeline for guys like Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and more, and there was even a big comeback for one (slightly) forgotten favourite.

The dynamic of the men's MITB match worked too. Braun Strowman, who has captured fan hearts as a wrecking ball babyface even when dipping a toe into comedy, excelled with the numbers against him, and that story didn't stop others in the match from shining either.

From start to finish, WWE managed to get a hell of a lot right at Money In The Bank. In doing so, they also managed to right the wrongs of last year and put proper focus on the women's roster. There'd be no James Ellsworth inspired nonsense here.

Or, hmm, maybe there would...


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