WWE Money In The Bank 2018: 10 Things WWE Got Right

10. The Kickoff Match Choice

Bludgeon Brothers Karl Anderson

Of all the matches on offer at Money In The Bank, it was the SmackDown Tag-Team Title match that felt like it belonged on the Kickoff show.

This was a chance to give The Bludgeon Brothers some more credible opponents, which Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson certainly are even though the belts were never realistically under threat. Fans knew that heading in, and that's why this one was the perfect warm-up match before the main pay-per-view started.

At around seven minutes, the match didn't outstay its welcome either. The Good Bros. got some offence in before ultimately succumbing to the Bludgeon steam train, and WWE's creative team must have considered this a job well done; if Gallows and Anderson are doomed to exist only to make others look good, then at least they're good in the role.

Away from the main card glut and given a distinct platform, pre-show or not, the match became more meaningful. Further, despite Harper and Rowan winning quite comprehensively, there's more juice in the feud if WWE so wish.


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