WWE Money In The Bank 2023 Match Nearly Had Huge Change

The women's MITB ladder match was nearly VERY different.

WWE Money in the Bank 2023 Charlotte Flair

While IYO SKY was the one who emerged victorious in the titular ladder match at last night's Money in the Bank, that match itself nearly had Charlotte Flair added to it.

Via PWInsider.com, there was a late pitch to have Charlotte replace Zelina Vega in the women's MITB bout.


Of course, this clearly didn't happen in the end, and one has to wonder what the result would've been should Flair have been inserted into this bout. A common grumble amongst many wrestling fans, is how Charlotte immediately gets major opportunities whenever she returns to WWE TV, and her being in the Money in the Back match would've likely made her the favourite to score the win and nab the MITB briefcase.

Instead, Charlotte had zero presence at Money in the Bank.


Despite not being on this latest PLE, the Queen was in action on SmackDown the night prior to Money in the Bank. There, Flair lost via DQ to WWE Women's Champion Asuka. That loss came after Bianca Belair attacked Asuka, which nicely continues to showcase a new edge to a Belair who is rightfully irked that Charlotte got to skip the line for a WWE Women's Title match, all while the EST is still waiting for her promised rematch against Asuka.

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