WWE Night Of Champions: 10 Awesome Moments

10. Kickoff Match Starts Things With A Bang

Traditionally, WWE' 'Free For All' or 'Kickoff' match is supposed to entice last-minute customers into buying the upcoming Pay-Per-View. Obviously, the rules have changed a lot with the advent of the WWE Network, but the pre-show bout can still play an important role. Stardust ad The Ascension vs. Neville and The Lucha Dragons was the perfect example of that. Throughout the match, there was a whole lot of high-flying. That only helped proceedings, because it's exactly what people wanted to see. In many respects, the clash set the tone for Night Of Champions brilliantly, and helped remind everyone exactly what Sin Cara and Kalisto bring to the table. The lucha sensations have largely been forgotten about by creative, but they shone here. Similarly, The Ascension were allowed to show their brutish power, even though the main thread tying it all together was Neville vs. Stardust. As a standalone match, this one was superb. Everyone involved did their job perfectly.

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