WWE Night Of Champions: 10 Awesome Moments

9. Xavier Woods Plays Rocky Theme

The trombone that Xavier Woods carries to ringside with him has to be one of the most unique wrestling props in history. The 'Mouth Of The South' Jimmy Hart had his megaphone, but Woods has taken things one step further. Playing the instrument during matches, Xavier uses the trombone mainly to provide punches of comedy to what Kofi Kingston and Big E are doing inside the ring. At Night Of Champions, he had everybody - even the announcers - laughing when he played a rendition of 'Gonna' Fly Now'. Most notable for being the theme from the Rocky series of movies, the track was greeted with applause by the live crowd. Hilariously, Kingston then peppered The Dudley Boyz with punches, doing his best Sylvester Stallone impression. The New Day have been hitting it out of the park recently, becoming one of the most entertaining acts on WWE television. Whenever the trio are on-screen, fans know that they're going to see something funny or cool. That was definitely the case at Night Of Champions, and the riotous trombone playing act went down very well.

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