WWE Night Of Champions: 21 Things You Might Have Missed

Er... Dolph, what's that on your crotch?!

WWE Night Of Champions is in the history books and two thoughts prevail: a) Is Sting going to be ok? b) Shame about that ending. It seems to be something of a recent trend for WWE, lining up a night of quality wrestling, only to leave the audience with a sour aftertaste after a questionable climax. This is not so much to criticise the anti-climatic rollup finish to the Sting bout (health problems can't be predicted and they did the best they good) but rather the final tableau of the night. After all, was anyone really clamouring for Kane's return to the main event, while Superstars like Cesaro wait in the wings? However, despite the customary WWE grumbles, Night of Champions was actually pretty good. Charlotte, Owens and Cena were all crowned new champs in matches that ranged from good to fantastic. The New Day were fun as usual, Y2J made an effective return, the Wyatts looked like monsters, and - it bears repeating - Cena and Rollins tore the house down. But, as with every PPV, this list isn't about the major highs and the catastrophic lows. This list concerns itself with the odd little moments of the night, the tiny pockets of strangeness, the mini-triumphs and failures that might have passed you by.

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