WWE NXT Wrestlers Given Strict Orders During Main Roster Tapings

"Don't eat with main roster talent" was one of them, apparently.

WWE developmental crowd

WWE developmental talent were given a list of orders to adhere to upon being brought in for the promotion's latest set of television tapings at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

This is according to a new report from Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri, who states that the NXT and PC noise-makers were told to stay away from the wrestlers who were working the show itself. This even stretched to catering: personnel were advised to bring packed lunches to eat in a tent, having been forbidden from eating with the main roster in the usual area.

The writeup also cites a moment where the crowd was told to perk up, be more enthusiastic, and make more noise over the building's in-house PA system after running out of steam prior to the taping of this week's Raw (filmed last Tuesday). The wrestlers were reportedly low on enthusiasm and energy after already sitting through 205 Live and Main Event, which were captured prior to Raw.


Previous stories have referred to the tapings as "exhausting," with performers on their feet for up to 7-8 hours, albeit with breaks in between. WWE's next batch goes down on the week of 14 June.

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