WWE: Ranking 20 Best Pro Wrestlers Of 2013

Cm Punk Best The World Wrestling Entertainment year climaxed this last weekend with WWE's TLC pay per view. It rounded off a year of change and success for the pro wrestling industry leader - and it is now the appropriate time to state who the best pro wrestlers were in the last year. The top 20 wrestlers of the year have sealed their legacy in style, and the list has some drastic changes from the men who reigned as the best wrestlers of 2012. Creatively the company has performed well for the most part. The year started with the return of The Rock, who John Cena feuded with over the Wrestlemania season. The second half of 2013 was built around Daniel Bryan, the popular star who challenged the dictatorship running the show. There have been 5 men reign as the WWE Champion in 2013, a stark contrast to CM Punk's solitary reign through 2012. The World title was also held on the shoulder of 5 different men - before the two championships were united as one title at the TLC event. In ranking the top 20 WWE pro wrestlers of 2013 I have decided to look at primarily in-ring work and the quality of the wrestler with character and mic work factoring in. Creative push is also going to have a reflection on the ability for a wrestler to shine, but mainly it will be the art of pro wrestling that is considered. Before I get started, an honourable mention must go to The Rock. He will miss out on a place in this list mainly due to inactivity. However, if this was based on drawing ability I would have him right up there. The Royal Rumble was up on buys at 579,000 and Wrestlemania 29 came in at just over 1 million buys. Rock was a huge part of this success and big merchandise sales. In an industry that is based on who is the hottest draw, The Rock is still the man in 2013. Now, let's get to the 20 best pro wrestlers of 2013...
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