WWE Raw Review: 10 Big Talking Points (Jan 18)

The final push to the Royal Rumble...

So here we are at the final Raw before the 2016 Royal Rumble and, aside from the Rumble match itself, we only have two other matches announced for the event. While I understand that WWE doesn't have to sell pay-per-views anymore, it would be nice to have an undercard with some build in order to drum up interest in something other than the 30 man battle royal. Hopefully, WWE remembers the last two Royal Rumble events where the crowds viciously turned on the event, booing both Batista and Roman Reigns out of the building once Daniel Bryan had been eliminated. With the crowds slowly embracing Roman Reigns as a top-level guy, WWE would be wise to not swerve their fans and hand the title to a returning Triple H. Although, knowing this company, that is exactly what they will do because apparently upsetting your entire fanbase = ratings. Back to tonight, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to be on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel tonight and we have the continuing conflict of the McMahon family against Reigns. We also need to figure out who the other entrants in the Royal Rumble will be and fill out the card with some secondary title matches. Now, on with the show...

10. Opening Segment: Roman Reigns And Chris Jericho

The announcers put over the whole "Roman Reigns has no chance! How is he going to actually win the Rumble with the odds so firmly stacked against him?" It's like they just stuck Roman Reigns in the John Cena slot because apparently the only way to get a top babyface over is to have authority figures plot against him. Whatever happened to guys getting over by beating other top guys? It's not brain surgery. So Roman promises to be the first person to defend his title in a Rumble but specifically calls out Brock Lesnar which is a really, really bad idea. Instead, Chris Jericho answers his challenge and makes his way to the ring. Is it just me or is Jericho dressing like a parody of a wrestler? This week, he's decided to wear a suit coat with no shirt underneath. Is Stevie Wonder giving Chris Jericho fashion tips or something? Roman is decidedly unimpressed by Jericho's presence but Y2J is only here to invite Roman to the Highlight Reel later tonight. I would actually pay good money to listen to Paul Heyman run down Roman Reigns for about 20 minutes or so. While this would normally be a fine opening segment, the League of Midcarders are out to complain about being overlooked as winners of the Rumble. Does anyone even remember that Alberto Del Rio was world champion? Rusev goes off on some weird tangent about having to throw kids off of a school bus or something so Jericho mocks his sex life...makes sense. Roman thankfully puts an end to this awful segment by offering to fight Rusev right now. Jericho names himself special guest referee because apparently in WWE you can just make matches and name referees by cutting a promo. You know, I understand this is professional wrestling...excuse me, sports-entertainment but can we just clarify who is really in charge of WWE? One week it's Triple H and Stephanie, then it's Vince McMahon, and other times the wrestlers themselves make matches.

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