WWE Raw Slumps To Lowest Audience In History...AGAIN

The numbers don't lie...

Connors Cure Raw

For the second time in 2018, WWE have broken their own record low audience for an edition of Monday Night Raw.

The Wrestling Observer posted the figures for the September 26th edition of the show ahead of an official ratings release later this week, with the three hourly figures averaging out around 2.35 million viewers. This falls below the 2.46 million that tuned to the previous basement dweller on July 9th.

As is often the case, there were contributing factors beyond the creative direction of the product that resulted in the nosedive. It's Season Premiere time in the United States, and with the NFL now back in full force on Monday Nights, Raw is likely to be sacrificed by channel-hopping connoisseurs. That said, the company may wish to address the emerging trend - two new record lows in almost as many months may reflect a wider trend beyond the usual distractions that interfere with figures at this time of year. The exact same edition in 2017 drew 2.91 million viewers, so the graph continues to point down year-on-year regardless of the occasional blips.


The show peaked in the first hour with 2.49 million viewers before levelling off at 2.28 million viewers during the 10 and 11pm slots.

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