WWE Reaches Out To Fans For Feedback On Ratings Nosedive

The company is finally looking for answers.

In a move that is the first real acknowledgement by WWE that there€™s a very real problem with the ratings for Monday Night Raw, the company has reached out to their audience to solicit feedback on the product. In an email blast sent out to members of its Fan Council, WWE asked members to take a survey which addressed the state of Raw. While reports are that Vince McMahon is not yet panicking over the alarming rate at which the show has been shedding viewers, this is at least a sign that they€™re aware there€™s a problem and are curious in the opinions of their fan base. While many of the widespread criticisms of the product are well-known, WWE has yet to show any attempts to correct these aspects. Could this be the beginning of some major format changes to a show that has grown incredibly stagnant and formulaic? Below are the questions contained within the survey: €“ How often do you typically watch Raw? €“ Which other video streaming services do you subscribe to? €“ How have your viewing habits of Raw changed compared to the past? €“ Which of the following ways do you watch Raw? (Choices include WWE Network, WWE App, Live, Highlights on WWE.com or social media, record and watch later, Hulu) €“ Which of the following describes how many hours of Raw you tend to watch during any given week? (Choices include Less/at least an hour, at least two hours, entire episode) €“ Before Raw airs, how frequently do you check to see which Superstars or Divas are going to appear on Raw? €“ Who in your household also watches Raw? €“ How often do you see advertisements about upcoming episodes of Raw? €“ Where do you see advertisements about upcoming episodes of Raw? €“ Do you ever change the channel during an episode of Raw (including during commercial breaks)? €“ Do you ever fast forward during recorded episodes of Raw? €“ What are some reasons why you fast-forward during recorded episodes of Raw? (Choices include Commercial breaks, match not exciting, Superstar/Diva not interested in, backstage interviews, talking segments) €“ What is the primary reason you fast forward during recorded episodes of Raw? €“ In general, do you watch Monday Night Football? €“ Do you usually watch Raw for the same amount of time each week? €“ How well do you like each segment of Raw? In-ring talking segments Backstage interviews Matches Video packages Superstar/Diva entrances Backstage interactions between Superstars/Divas €“ Thinking about Raw episodes over the last few months following SummerSlam, how you would rate Raw on the following metrics Entertaining from start to finish Storylines Providing unexpected moments Quality of matches Level of entertainment Athleticism of Superstars/Divas Variety of Superstars/Divas featured €“ Typically, do you think each of the following segments of Raw are given too much, not enough or just the right amount of time Superstars/divas in-ring promos to build storylines Talking segments about what is coming up Talking segments from commentators about what has happened Backstage interviews Backstage interactions Divas/Superstar matches Matches that don€™t affect storylines Main Event matches Matches that affect storylines Championship matches Recaps of previous episodes €“ If you were aware matches were going to appear during a specific hour of Raw before the airing of the show, would you be more likely to tune into Raw during that hour? €“ How would the inclusion of the following ideas impact your interest in viewing Raw more often? Specialty matches Time spent addressing the fans Championship matches Celebrity guest appearances Celebrity guests included in matches Legends appearances Legends included in matches

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