WWE Royal Rumble 2017: 10 Possible Surprise Entrants

9. Rob Van Dam

Royal Rumble

RVD likely holds some sort of record for “most surprise entries” in the Royal Rumble match. Mr. Pay Per View has always maintained a high level of popularity, and there is guaranteed to be a big pop as soon as “One of a Kind” hits the sound system. After taking a lengthy break, Van Dam may be looking to kick off another run with a Rumble entrance.

Will it happen? 30 men is a lot of space to fill for WWE, and with many stars on the active roster permanently mired in the midcard, WWE may be looking for an established name to generate a nice nostalgia reaction from his entrance. This could be a one-night only return, but could just as easily start a new storyline for Van Dam, as he could eliminate somebody like a Bray Wyatt or Baron Corbin, only for them to assault him in revenge.

Even as he gets older, RVD is still in fantastic shape, and is likely able to produce the same types of performances that made him beloved the world over.


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