WWE Royal Rumble 2019: 8 Things WWE Got Right

8. Keeping The WWE Title On Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Erick Rowan

All hail the 'Beard 'n' Beard Connection'.

Erick Rowan is apparently Daniel Bryan's new heater, AJ Styles will likely be cycled out of the main event scene on SmackDown for a while and Bryan himself will probs roll into WrestleMania as WWE Champion. That's a great night's work; DB has backup, he still has his title and we can close the book on AJ vs. Bryan for a while.

Hopefully, at least. As good as they are together, another singles match between the pair on pay-per-view would feel like overkill, and they haven't quite wrestled the intense brawling style their feud deserves anyway. WWE won't be concerned about that. The Rumble title bout was mere filler for them.

Keeping the belt on Bryan before diving head first into the 'Mania build (with a quick stop off at Elimination Chamber) was the right call. Now, the journey to establish his next opponent begins, and Bryan can presumably look forward to a well-earned night off.


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