WWE Set To Introduce A New World Title Belt Design?

A new design for one of WWE's top prizes looks to be on the imminent horizon.

Roman Reigns

While the current top prize of WWE is the combined Undisputed WWE Universal Championship held by Roman Reigns, the company has now approved of a new World Title design that could be introduced imminently.

As WrestleVotes told GiveMeSport, a new World Title belt has been designed and approved by WWE higher-ups.

"There's a new belt. I don't know for sure if it's getting a new name. I don't know if one of the titles is going away, but there's a new belt that WWE has had made and the decision-makers have approved. Like, if they wanted to introduce it on TV tomorrow, they could. Those boxes are checked."

Of course, there has been plentiful speculation over the past several months about WWE opting to revert the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship back to two separate entities - those being the WWE Championship and WWE Universal Championship.

Likewise, many have suggested that such a change could happen after WrestleMania 39 if Cody Rhodes usurps Roman Reigns at the top of the WWE mountain. And sticking with Cody, the American Nightmare himself has publicly talked about how he'd love to bring back a version of the classic Winged Eagle belt at some point down the line should he find himself as the company's World Champion.


On that note, just this past weekend saw an apparent "leak" of a World Title that's been custom-made for Rhodes. While this design is a rather striking one and is certainly an homage to the Winged Eagle that was in play between 1988 and 1998, this is indeed a custom fan-made piece rather than anything commissioned by WWE.

It's worth noting that there's no word right now on when any new World Title belt will be introduced, and similarly there's nothing concrete on whether this title will replace one of the current ones or possibly even be an entirely new championship in and of itself.


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