WWE SHOCKED At Big Show Joining AEW - Backstage Reaction

Backstage news on WWE and AEW's reaction to Paul 'Big Show' Wight jumping ship.

Big Show Vince McMahon

Yesterday's news that All Elite Wrestling had signed Paul Wight to a long-term deal seems to have caught the WWE locker-room off-guard.

Per Fightful Select, several WWE talents had no clue that the former Big Show was on his way out of the company. Minimal goodbyes were exchanged between the departing legend and other roster members.

WWE officials were aware that as of this month, Show would no longer be available for any kind of role, with his contract expiring sometime after a guest appearance on the 4 January Raw Legends Night special.


Wight's profile was moved to the alumni section of WWE.com on 19 February.

One source, however, had an inclination that Wight was on the verge of a significant career move following the former Show's contract expiring, Wight selling his house, and the cancellation of his Netflix series, The Big Show Show, which WWE Studios co-produced.


AEW wrestlers were seemingly just as surprised as their WWE cohorts, as several didn't know the big man was coming in at all. Those that Fightful spoke to are said to be excited about the possibility of working with the veteran.

Wight will debut on next week's episode of Dynamite.

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