WWE Smackdown Spoilers: Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan Team Up

Bryan and Reigns are the focus of the show.

WWE Smackdown was taped on Tuesday night from Dayton, Ohio. The show opened with Kane making the announcement that Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan would be teaming together later in the show. It would be tag team turmoil! Bray Wyatt defeated R Truth, with the Sister Abigail in a short match. Paige defeated Summer Rae. The Bella Twins did commentary for this and did some trash talking to Paige in the aftermath. Fandango went over Adam Rose with the top rope legdrop. Overall, that was a really weak undercard. Very predictable and mostly jobbers. The Tag Team Turmoil got underway with Reigns and Bryan versus The Miz and Mizdow. Bryan pinned the Miz. Next up, The Usos. This one went long and had good action. Jey Uso eventually tapped to the Yes Lock. Next up, Los Matadores. Bryan quickly got over that one with another submission. The next team was Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater. Reigns hit the spear on Slater to pin him. Next up, The Ascension. The new boys actually got in a decent showing, but eventually got disqualified. Kane and Big Show were the last team out. Show appeared to turn face by turning on Kane and hitting the Knock out punch. Reigns then hit the spear on Show and Bryan hit the flying knee before making Show tap to the Yes Lock. The whole Tag Team Turmoil was 45 minutes, with Reigns getting one fall and Bryan 4 falls. A huge Yes chant ended the night.
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