WWE Star Quietly Turns Heel, Moves Brands

A major - and highly questionable - change of direction for this WWE wrestler.

Lacey Evans WWE Logo

Lacey Evans' WWE comeback as a SmackDown babyface is over.

PWInsider's Mike Johnson reports that despite Evans' recent return to SmackDown as a face, WWE has now moved her to the Raw roster in a heel role. This follows on from a curtailed version of her recent run of face-leaning promos airing on Monday's episode of Raw, which sparked surprise, as her comeback content had previously aired exclusively on SmackDown.

WWE teased a heel swerve for Lacey on last week's SmackDown, with the returnee overcooking forced babyface mannerisms a la Chris Jericho circa 2012. Now, it appears she is a full-on heel.


Evans' pre-turn babyface promos touched on dark, traumatic content, including her father's struggles with addiction and overdose two months prior to her WWE tryout, another family's attempted suicide, and more. A content warning would have been appropriate - and likely appreciated by a considerable chunk of the audience - though it appeared that WWE was attempting to leverage these harrowing real-life experiences to generate pro wrestling sympathy for Evans.

Now, in what will likely go down as one of 2022's most objectionable promotional tactics, it appears these stories were used as a ruse to fool people ahead of a heel run.

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