WWE Still Not Commenting On Extent Of Daniel Bryan's Injury

WWE insist Bryan didn't suffer a concussion. So what's the injury?

The official word from WWE is that Daniel Bryan did not suffer a concussion. Wrestling Observer Radio reported that a concussion was responsible for Bryan coming home early from the WWE European Tour. However, the same radio show is now saying that WWE denied the concussion story. WWE won't comment on exactly what is up, other than that Bryan was removed from the tour as a precautionary measure. This opens up all the fan speculation again. The big concern is that Bryan has re-injured the neck problem that kept him out of action for most of 2014. The fact that WWE denied he's sidelined because of a concussion, it raises the question of just why exactly is he out of action? The silence from WWE is leading fans to assume the worst. Bryan had been due for a medical examination when he returned to the United States last week, so hopefully that will reveal some clear answers soon. As for Bryan, he has returned to social media for the first time since his removal from the European tour. His biggest concern right now appears to be his garden blackberries. He posted a photo of his garden on Instagram, with the quote "Focusing on the positive: today I picked my first blackberry from the five bushes a planted a couple months ago! Probably a few days too soon but delicious nonetheless." The fact he said "focusing on the positive" suggests that there's some negative in his life right now. But the post also demonstrates that WWE really isn't his be all and end all. If he is facing retirement from the squared circle, he's got many other interests he'd be happy to pursue. For more on Bryan's problems in WWE, check out 10 Reasons Daniel Bryan€™s WWE Career Is In Jeopardy
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