WWE SummerSlam 2013 Review: The Greatest SummerSlam Of All Time?

wwe summerslam SummerSlam has fell by the way side in recent years. The quality of the cards have not been as impressive as they once were and the WWE's second biggest event has been rather forgettable for too long. Things looked to change this year however with two of the most anticipated match ups in recent years taking place on the card. Daniel Bryan was to take on John Cena for the WWE title whilst Brock Lesnar and CM Punk were going head to head for the first time ever in a match sold as 'The Beast Vs The Best'. Could these matches live up to their hype though? Would the Wyatt family give us the debut they had promised? Or would it all turn out to be a huge letdown? Here's my review of SummerSlam 2013.

Dean Ambrose Vs Rob Van Dam

Members of The Shield have now been on the pre-show for two pay per views and both times they have provided us with stellar matches that beg the question, why are they not on the card!? Last month Reigns and Rollins put on an exciting pre match show with The Usos whilst last night RVD and Dean Ambrose put on a match that was more than worthy of a place on the card. This match up was the best of Ambrose's reign so far; RVD and Ambrose both have very unique styles and they worked perfectly well together. The finish looked to be setting up a match on the main card but it wasn't to be. Night of Champions should see a rematch and a Big Show/Henry Vs The Shield match.
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