WWE SummerSlam 2017: Best Booking Scenarios For Each Match

Sayonara, Lesnar.


The 30th annual SummerSlam event is just around the corner, and you can practically already hear Michael Cole dubbing it "SummerSlam's 30th Anniversary." No, WWE, it's not.

It's been a string of mediocre PPVs so far this year, so the pressure is on. The 'Biggest Party of the Summer' has been positively jam-packed with matches, with 13 listed at the time of writing. For anyone keeping track, that's also the number of matches at WrestleMania 33. It looks like we're all in for a test of endurance.

The card is positively stacked, so there's something for everyone here, with so many big stars getting a spot somewhere on the show. Unfortunately, WWE has shown in the past that they can ruin a good thing through terrible booking.

Just this past week, we as fans were subjected to a third failed Money in the Bank cash-in attempt featuring John Cena, and Finn Bálor covered in what was presumably supposed to be blood, but looked more cherry syrup. The worst parts of the creative team are out in full force, apparently.

Even with a line-up as bloated as this, WWE has the opportunity to knock their second biggest show of the year out of the park. All it will take is the correct booking.


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