WWE SummerSlam 2017: Best Booking Scenarios For Each Match

13. Faces Win, Jobber Takes The Pin

Announced as a pre-show match just days before SummerSlam, it's nice that Miz, The Hardys, and Jason Jordan all get a place on the card, even if it woefully under utilizes their talents.

Employing Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas as Miz's impromptu bodyguards could be great if used correctly, similarly to what J&J Security did for Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, they haven't be used that well. Just a few weeks ago, Miz took the pinfall when teaming with the Miztourage against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Jordan and the Hardys are the better team, and should get the win here. The endgame appears to be an Intercontinental Championship match between Jordan and Miz in the near future, which can only mean good things.

Despite losing some ground due to the whole "Kurt Angle, you ARE the father" soap opera angle, this would be a good place to let Jordan pick up some steam. The Hardys can do their thing, then Jordan picks up the victory over either Dallas or Axel, preferably while making direct eye contact with the champion.

If Survivor Series 2017 follows the same SmackDown Live vs. Raw format it did last year, then perhaps IC Champ Jason Jordan vs. US Champ Chad Gable could be on the cards. This would be a good way to get the ball rolling.


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