WWE Super ShowDown 2020: 10 Things That Must Happen

Hey, Goldberg...


It's here, people. It's finally here!

The next Saudi Arabian special is almost upon us, and countless fans are ready to be thrilled by four-five hours (minimum) of WWE action at Super ShowDown. In reality, a awful lot of the people WWE wish were invested would rather this event wasn't taking place at all, and not just because of political discomfort with the location.

This is the first time the company has slotted one of these Saudi stadium shows in right before the pageantry of WrestleMania, and it's no stretch to say that the card eats into some of 'Mania's lustre. Part-time attractions like Goldberg and a few Tampa-worthy matches are on tap over a month early in Western Asia; WWE can't get away from the fact many in their fanbase detest that.

Will the show be the kind you'll kick yourself for missing? No, probably not, but (as with most of the other "blood money" specials) it's not a lost cause either. There will be some fun to be had in the scorching heat of Riyadh, and WWE still have to make sure they're paying attention to the booking.

After all, it's WrestleMania season. Remember?


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